Monday, November 10, 2014

Matte Painting Challenge #2 "Viking Village" (Complete)

For this months theme is Viking Village.  A theme I have always been interested in but have very minimal knowledge of.  I spend some quality time to research and watched a few documentary and seen couple of movies and tv show like Viking for reference and inspiration.

I am having a great deal of fun and learning a great amount each time I do this.  Here are some basic concept to start with idea and theme of this challenge.

Been quite busy lately however I found some time and made some changes and added some rough color.  I wanted to keep the color and mood to fit the Viking theme, the gloomy overcast feel.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, spent the evening and early this morning tuning out the one I choice.  Tweak a bit of the colors and also fix the tip of the front roof so it doesn't touch the edge of the image. This will be my last WIP before I post the final in a couple of days stay tune.
Viking Village