Friday, November 23, 2012

Bakery Cabin Art Test

This was an Art Test I did in early 2011 for Gas Powered Games.  Finally got the permission to post it but can not say anymore than that sorry.

A final layout of the original to the final touches to show some variety in the design process.
5. Worked in some variations in saturation, values and design for the final touches
 4. The design was being polish but the rooftop needed some new design rather than the boring flat plank wood look.

 3. After I knew what my design will look like I began to fill in the base colors and worked in some basic light, shadow and values.
2.Then I was given the opportunity to design a bakery for the actual art test from beginning to finish.
 1.This is the workshop cabin, original design was from Vlad Mel, and I was to show my rendering skills over the design.