Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am my worst critic

Update Version (TOP) my friend gave me the impression the Femur was too long but I think its because the breast plate was too small. Also he suggested that the character is bow legged which got me a bit confused. So I goggled "bow legged" and images show the knee cap is either too farm out or too close in. I personally don't see too much bow legging going on but I can see where he got the impression that my character could be bow legged.

I spent almost 8 hours trying to fix and fix but I realize I have to stop at some point. You can over do a painting by adding too much detail. I think I did that, there was too much detail I was focus on but I am still happy with this painting. I worked hard and follow the key rules to making a good character. Anatomy, Form, Facial feature, and establish the character as if you know who he/she is. There is a lot more I can do such as lighting and edge control but this painting just drain up my energy for the week. I do feel this is my stepping latter to a better painting though.